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Available Services

Reduction of Unsafe and Socially Inappropriate Behaviors

 Analysts assess the function of high-risk behaviors in order to reduce and replace them for socially appropriate responses.  Our providers work to reduce:

  • Aggression toward others

  • Self injurious behaviors

  •  Tantrums

  • Elopement

  •  Mouthing

  • Property destruction

  • Throwing objects 

  • Eating non-edibles

  • Verbal aggression

  • Verbal protest

  • Cursing

  • Off-task

  • Undressing in public

  • Climbing

  • Self-stimulatory behaviors (e.g., turning on/off light switch, hand flapping, body rocking, pacing, eye gazing)

Tolerance/Acceptance Skills

Tolerance skills are taught to increase flexibility when things don't go our way or the unexpected happens. For example someone may have a strong drive towards certain objects or activities, making accepting ''no'' much difficult. ABA providers work on desensitizing unpleasant events and teaching:

  • Accept ''denials'' (e.g.,  ''no'') with alternatives

  • Accept ''delays'' (e.g., ''wait'')

  • Accept '' transitions'', ''routine changes'' and ''corrections''

  • Stay on-task in increments of time

  • Follow directions on command (e.g., stop, sit up, come here, high five, clap hands, go to take shower)

Communication Training

 Expressive and receptive language differ from client to client based upon organic causes and environmental influences. Communication training is understood to include a variety of skills such as:

  • Requesting wants/needs

  • Listening

  • Visual performance

  •  Labeling/Naming

  • Vocal imitation.

  • Initiating and maintaining conversation

  •  Gestural language (e.g., sign language, point, touch)

  •  Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS).

Social/Play Skills 

Social development is an important milestone to reach a higher quality of life. ABA providers focus on :

  • Functional play

  • Parallel and Interactive Play

  • Turn-Taking and Sharing 

  • Play Pretending

  • Greeting and farewell

Daily Living Skills

ABA providers teach skills that are age/developmentally- appropriate for each client. Analysts prioritize ADLs training  based on caregiver(s) input and direct observation included but not limited to:

  • Teeth-brushing

  • Hair-brushing

  • Showering

  • Grooming

  • Handwashing

  •  Toilet training 

  • Independent eating

  • Independent dressing up

  • Sleeping routine

  • Transitioning from activities by following a customized schedule/routine

Parent Services

Success doesn't exist in a vacuum. Our providers know how important parents, family dynamics, and school systems are to progress. Our Analysts provide support by participating, collaborating and/or conducting:

  • Individualized Caregiver Training

  • Social Skills Support Group 

  • IEP Meeting 

  • 504 Plan meeting


Insurances accepted

  • Medicaid (all plans)
  • Sunshine Commercial
  • CMS (Children Medical Services)
  • Ambetter
If your insurance is not listed please contact the office for more information. We are actively working in new contracts. 

Diagnostic Specialties 

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

  • Global Developmental Delay

  • Expressive Language Disorder

  • Feeding Difficulties/Restrictive Eating

  • Down Syndrome

Please take note that each insurance may have diagnostic and behavior restrictions for approving ABA services.

Kid Playing with Bubble


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