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First, give us a call

 A friendly team member will ALWAYS answer your call. Our qualified admin team can provide you with background knowledge to make the best informed decision about your child's care. 

Documents Needed

Most insurances require:

  •  A current referral (less than 1 year)

  • Diagnostic evaluation (Diagnosis validation)

  • And/or current progress note dictating maladaptive behaviors


All set for the first appointment


Meeting your analyst

After receiving and approving your documents our admin team pairs you with one of our experienced analysts. In this initial meeting your analyst and you go over medical history, behavior concerns, and priorities. During this meeting the analyst will also set time to observe your child in their natural environment. This collaborative meeting will provide data and background needed to build an individualized behavior plan. 

Let's get started

4227 Gunn Hwy, Tampa Florida 33618

(813) 331-0809

Office hours: Monday through Friday


                              08:30am to 05:00pm

Please note that provider hours and office hours may differ. 

Thanks for submitting!

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